Interested in booking an escape room corporate team building challenge in Riverside, but not keen on losing the rest of the workday? Celebrating a birthday but worried about the logistics of cutting the cake and opening presents? Inland Empire Escape Rooms has you covered with our 450-square-foot conference room/banquet room. Finish your escape room challenge then gather in our banquet room for every type of party or event! If you have a larger group, you can use the escape rooms and the banquet room simultaneously.

Our escape room team building challenges in Riverside are a great way to build comradery between managers and employees without the distraction of electronic devices. We do not allow cell phones or other devices to be turned on during the game, so you enjoy the challenge without spoiling the surprises.

Our banquet room and Riverside escape room corporate team building challenges can accommodate team members who may have special considerations. Our entire facility is wheelchair-accessible, and our escape room challenges are safe for pregnant women. While some games may require flexibility or low-impact physical tasks, your teammates are there to help as you solve the puzzles as a group! We recommend any guests who might need accommodations to check with their doctor to ensure that the excitement and adrenaline associated with escaping the rooms are safe.

In addition to team building, escape rooms also provide a way to make memories when celebrating life’s milestones. Our escape rooms in Riverside are an ideal location for kids’ birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, retirement farewells, and more. No matter what you’re celebrating, Inland Empire Escape Rooms is here to provide an adventure and memories that will last a lifetime!

Have questions about our banquet room or booking a private event? Call 951-777-8059 or email [email protected]. Ready to book your event? Schedule your Riverside corporate team building challenge or private party here!