Dr. Jostle’s next procedure in 60 minutes!


Trapped inside of the asylum escape room you wake up on a hard, cold stone floor. You try to remember what could have possibly transpired the night before but your brain is irritatingly drawing a blank. Something about a delirium-inducing drink and a hasty cab ride home? All of that is hardly a concern now—more pressing is the rather foreboding lobotomy experience looming in your future. Can you and the other patients escape the eerie Kimberly Asylum before the harsh orderlies come to take you to the even crueler Dr. Jostle who will be performing the archaic procedure? The stakes are high and your path to freedom is quickly closing, you must take your chance to escape before your sanity vanishes completely.

Our sanatorium escape room is an innovative take on the standard “escape or else” trope. Each of our escape rooms feature rich narratives plus an attentive, dedicated Game Master ready to make the best team bonding or family building experience for your group! Immerse yourself in the adventure and suspense as you attempt to escape the asylum.

The Panic Room scenario is a 60 minute adventure which accommodates 2 to 10 people. To make the most of your time at our escape rooms in Riverside, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your game. Although our Panic Room scenario has a suspenseful theme, it is not designed to be frightening. Nothing will jump out at you or hover above your head. People sensitive to enclosed spaces have enjoyed our escape room challenges, but if you find yourself feeling claustrophobic, you may exit the room at any time. Our rooms feature multiple emergency exits.

Inland Empire Escape Rooms in Riverside is the perfect place for your next party or team building event! Get ready to band together to navigate the halls of The Kimberly Asylum and create memories you’ll never forget. Book your experience here or contact us at 951-777-8059.

Time: 60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 73%
Players: 2-10 People